About Goose Gang Discs

Hey, I'm Alex Cue. Back in late 2022, I was looking for a side project and realized I could combine my skills as a designer with my love of disc golf (and DFX Discs) to create a community resource for all fans of DFX.

To build this site, I spent weeks poring through the original DFX Facebook page, the Leppi's Lounge page for DFX LTD members, and the Goose Gang public fan page. By gathering the many nuggets of lore and knowledge sprinkled throughout posts and comments, I have hopefully compiled a definitive source for all things DFX. I hope you find this site helpful!

If I happened to make a mistake or you think something needs to be clarified, please get in touch with me via the Contact page, or by messaging me on Facebook. I'm always happy to hear feedback and talk with DFX fans.


This site wouldn't be possible without the help of:

  • Don Freeman, for creating DFX Discs and taking all our money
  • Chris Hann, for his help tracking down runs and dates
  • Jason Trojan, for his impressively photographed and detailed collection
  • The Goose Gang Community et al., for awesome pictures—I tried to feature a wide variety of colors and photos for each disc's page from the community. ❤️
  • My wife, for bearing with me while I built this site in the evenings and on weekends over the past few months.

This site was built with Webflow. Looking to create a website for your business? Check out my company, Cohesive Creative & Code, for branding and web development.

Thanks, y'all. Have a great round!

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