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product Roadmap

Mold page - See all releases on a given mold

Sort and filter by mold and plastic

Additional artist info - bios, photos, etc

Tracking site changes


Build 10: Added captions with photo attributions to all galleries. Final cleanup. Launching to the public! 🚀

Build 9: Added GGG page. Added branding to site. Added more animations. Fixed responsive/mobile display issues. Overall polish in prep for first public release.

Build 8: Added Goose icon to disc cards. Added tooltips on hover (thanks to this video). Finished adding disc photos.

Build 7: Design updates, more discs. Added Everything page. Misc bug fixes.

Build 6: Added a contact page to submit improvements. More discs added.

Build 5: Additional discs added: Mythix, Leppiverse

Build 4: Publishing to 🚀

Build 3: Refactoring CMS entries to accommodate multiple releases

Build 2: Adding collections and card layouts. Also added photography to homepage.

Build 1: Initial staging release 🥳

*when i get to it  🫠
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