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We've categorized all DFX Discs by collection. A disc can potentially appear in multiple collections! When in doubt, use the search bar in the navigation menu to find what you're looking for.

Monthly Mailbox Magic

DFX Limited

The best art on the best plastics around. $24.99 gets you a three-foil piece of flying artwork that won't ever be run again. Be the ENVY of your friends.

Mythical Creatures


A limited series run focused on mythological creatures. A variety of talented artists lent their imaginations to these discs, and the result is a series of six incredible discs.

M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-Marm's Madness


The first custom disc ever ran for DFX (DFDX at the time) featured a Leprechaun named Leppi. Since then, Marm's been hard at work populating the LeppiVerse with a cast of unforgettable characters.

R.I.P. vour wallet

Black Friday

The spiciest Black Friday releases around.

All discs released on

Store Release

If it was released on, you can find it here.

The mad foil master

Hunter Hotstamp

Artisanal hotstamping from Florida.

Reimagining classics


Classic stamps that have been reiussed, either as reduced foils or with tweaks to the art.

Pint-sized Picassos

Mini Stamp

Sometimes a mini stamp is all you need.

Mark your lie in style

Mini Marker

Discs in this collection had an accompanying stamped mini marker.

Tourneys and more

Other Releases

Custom stamps for DFX tournaments, retailer and one-off collabs, tour discs. It's all here.

I love gooooooooold


Collecting all the releases that had variants available.

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Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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