The Goose Gang Wingipedia

Ever feel like DFX fans are speaking another language? You're not wrong.

Goose Gang

The name given to our fan club. Origin is a disc released on MVP plastic, art by Marm O. Set, which depicted the Goose Gang avenging their abused brethren from the Grande Mocha Eggspresso disc release. (needs more info)

-suggested by Don Freeman

Golden Goose

A golden goose (GG) is a triple foiled disc stamped with three golden foils. The name for the holy grails of discs. Denoted with a golden goose sticker on the back. Can also throw to become a member of the exclusive GGG (or Golden Goose Gang)

-suggested by Seth Ramirez

Golden Goose Gang

Salvador Ruiz created this group of people who bag, and throw a golden goose. Once a GG disc has been thrown, it is 'burned' and cannot be sold to another person for them to join the GGG.

-suggested by Seth Ramirez

Silver Goose

The term for an almost as cool but not quite and almost as rare but not quite, set of limited discs, usually denoted with a black (?) goose sticker on the back.

-suggested by Parker Jarvis

Artist Variant

Stamp artists are sometimes allowed to pick a combination of three foils to be run for 5-10 discs. These are delivered to the artist for their collection or as a fundraiser. Denoted with a diamond sticker on the back.

Hootsie & Tootsie

Two of the early DFX LTD releases— Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca—are often referred to by these nicknames.

-suggested by Jeff Adkins


Slang for Fission Plastic. Also a dope DFX release with Marm O. Set art.

-suggested by Al Jac

Group 'a', 'b', 'c', etc.

During Black Friday 2022, a Survivor-style game was run. People who pre-ordered the Cauldron were split into groups, and conspired to vote each other off.

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Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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