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Oct 15, 2020
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Alright, as we mentioned in the initial signups etc, this is a PRIMARILY MVP related subscription, but the art will always be kept 💯. This month is the reason for the rule, as we saw a super fun opportunity pop up in early 2020. We worked with Thought Space Athletics back in April to obtain an exclusive run of their brand spanking new Pathfinder... Then COVID-19 hit... and the pause button was hit HARD... We originally planned on releasing this in conjunction with TSA's launch of the Pathfinder, but it turns out that DFX couldn't wait any longer and TSA unfortunately has so much going on that their releases have been pushed back (for real, big stuff coming from them).

Thought Space Athletics is molded at MVP, stamped at MVP, distributed by MVP and Infinite Discs.This particular release can be considered a first run, and it will be the only glow run of the Pathfinder in 2020. I'll allow Marm to expand on the art, but the long and short is that it is the 2nd in a mini-series of sorts within DFX Limited. There will be more, but we will probably space them out a bit so Marm can get some sleep. Tezcatlipoca is the god of night and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. It made perfect sense for us to throw this on some nasty glow plastic.

Don't forget to watch Marm's stamp design video!

Stamps in the DFX Aztec Pantheon:
Learn more about Tezcatlipoca!

Pronounced "Tez-cah-tlee-poh-ka," Tezcatlipoca is the god of night and rival of Huitzilopochtli.

  • His name means "smoking mirror." He's often depicted as carrying an obsidian mirror.
  • Aztecs believed Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli created the world. They believed Tezcatlipoca came to represent death and cold.
  • He's also the god of magic.
  • He's believed to be the opposite of his brother Quetzalcoatl.
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