Xipe Totēc

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May 15, 2022
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This release is is the third installment of our Aztec gods series. This series kicked off DFX LTD in July 2020, returned later in 2020, and is now back on this disc. The first two discs were the Plasma Volts and the TSA Glow Pathfinders. This disc is 2 years+ in the making, as we laid out the groundwork for the series prior to DFX Limited becoming a thing. Marm O. Set's attention to detail and aggression towards what is even remotely stamp-able makes this release one of my personal favorites. Doesn't hurt that we found 1000 glow Envy to put the design on.

I wonder what would make sense for the 4th disc...

Stamps in the DFX Aztec Pantheon:
Learn more about Xipe Totec!

Pronounced "SHE-pay TOH-tek," and was the Aztec god of agriculture and the changing of the seasons.

  • His name means "Our Lord the Flayed One." He was often the recipient of human sacrifices, with priests removing the skin of the victims as part of a special ritual in his honor.
  • Xipe Totec was also associated with disease, death, and rebirth. This duality represents the possibility of feast or famine in agriculture.
  • According to myth, he wore a human skin over his golden body, and peeled off the skin to feed the people.
  • He's believed to be the opposite of his brother Quetzalcoatl.
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