Black Friday 2022 Cauldron Mystery Box

Release Date
Run size
Nov 18, 2022


**We will have the official release of the 2022 DFX Cauldrons TONIGHT at 7PM central! **

We will release some further disc details inside this group over the next 10 hours to hold you over. The box price this year will be $199.99 and will be limited to 150 boxes! For those who participated in our boxes last year, THANK YOU... and please don't actively share too much about how they went down last year.

So you must ask yourself... is this box for me? Will I be excited or let down when I see the contents? The answer can be found by reading the below:

  1. The goal of these boxes is to ensure that you get one of every NEW release that we drop over the next 9 days. We do not offer color preference, weight preference, etc. If you are looking to get all blue discs, we highly recommend that you buy during the drops. These are pre-packed boxes. Each disc weight/color will be a mystery to not only you, but also our packing team.
  2. Each box will have 2 discs from Mint Discs, 1 disc from Discraft, 1 disc from AGL, 2 discs from MVP, 3 discs from Axiom... this totals 9. All are premium plastic.
  3. Each mold included is basically a crowd favorite with the exception of one mold, which has not yet had time to become a crowd favorite.
  4. Each box will be comprised of nearly a full bag of stability and speed.
  5. The box was designed to be received as a gift to yourself (or whoever you send it to).
  6. 4-5 of these discs will be molds that will not be available on the site. 2-3 are molds that will be super limited on the site. 3 are molds that will be available on the site on a less limited basis, but foil colorways may be exclusive to the box.
  7. Some foil combos will be exclusive to the box. Some won't be.
  8. There is a chance of golden geese and/or variants. Not ALL geese will be included in these boxes, but some will. We don't recommend buying the box if you only want a golden goose.
  9. Marm.O.Set, ZAM, Hunter HotStamp. Overwhelming majority of designs are Marm O. Set.
  10. Do not overinterpret the 9 points above. We didn't hide hints with wordplay.

Tentative ship date on the boxes: Friday 11/25

We may announce an alternate box in the near future that only contains MVP discs, but I am not certain. This will depend on how much time we can make early next week, as building the boxes takes more time than any single person would hope.

Cauldron Contents:
Design Artist Mold Foils
Enchaintress Marm O. Set Axiom Neutron Hex 3 Foils
ShinoBEE Marm O. Set Discraft ESP Buzzz 1 Foil
1.22 GargoWatts Marm O. Set Mint Sublime Freetail 3 Foils
Mug Knots Marm O. Set Axiom Cosmic Neutron Envy 3 Foils
Berenchain Bears ZAMdesign MVP Neutron Orbital 3 Foils
HITMANdo Marm O. Set Axiom Plasma Crave 3 Foils
LumberJacked Marm O. Set AGL Alpine Locust 3 Foils
Kraken Hulls Marm O. Set Mint Eternal Phoenix 6-7 Foils
Death Roll Marm O. Set x Hunter Hotstamp MVP Neutron Soft Glitch 7+ Foils
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Ready to get your hands on some of these discs?

Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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