Awesome Sauce'em

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Mar 11, 2022
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Preorder announcement link here.

These packs consist of a full size 3 foil disc, a 3 foil mini disc, COAs for each, a tshirt (tahiti blue or black), and a sticker.

The preorder process will consist of you giving us a requested mold and color, and we'll do our best to match. IF WE CANNOT MATCH, there will be a backup selection for you to choose. Essentially it will ask you if you want to prioritize the MOLD or the COLOR. We will do our best to MATCH a mini to your disc. The minis will be either eclipse or plasma. We cannot take requests on plastic on the minis at this time.

Facebook Announcement Link

Ready to get your hands on some of these discs?

Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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