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Nov 27, 2020


Sizzle preview video was posted here. Don't forget to watch Marm's stamp design video!

There were a few full "supercolor" type UV-printed Froggeaux made. According to Don:

Alright so at some point in time, we did a test run on UV prints. This disc was part of that test run. I think there may be 9 or 10 in total. The process wasn’t quite as durable as we wanted it to be, so we never moved forward with the technology. These discs are floating around the community, as we know that you guys like this sort of thing. I may still have one or two somewhere. We tested all sorts of blends and a handful of molds. At least half of them were waves. Off top of my head…..
  • Fission Wave
  • Plasma Wave
  • Eclipse Reactor
  • Eclipse Nano
  • Electron Spin
At least one has been laked, not sure if it came back.
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Ready to get your hands on some of these discs?

Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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