Death Putt

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Jul 13, 2020
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Tom Comorski
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These are all manually stamped by Jake Hunter/Hunter Hotstamp. I highly recommend you guys follow everything that he does. His process turns disc stamping into a craft. Naturally his pocess comes at a cost, so we will be offering these up at $32 each, which includes shipping. There are a couple that may be more or less depending on what the heck Jake did with them.
All Death Putts are multi foil masterpieces, with exception of a select few (molds are incompatible with the process). All proton discs are front and back stamped, which offers a completely fresh look.
Discs shipped in collector bag, as always. These will NOT have a COA, as there are a few variations. I will number them only for the sake of selling on live stream.

Rewatch the livestream here: PART ONE and PART TWO. (Facebook account and access to Leppi's Lounge required).

Don't forget to watch Marm's stamp design video!  

Black base layer, then crackle plus color - backstamped flames that have a silver backing which shines through.

Mold List according to Marm O. Set:

Alias Proton 10

Amp Plasma 15

Amp Eclipse 14

Axis Plasma 10

Defy Proton 8

Drift Neutron 5

Drift Proton 5

Envy Neutron Soft 15

Envy Eclipse 26

Envy Eclipse 4

Excite Neutron 10

Insanity Neutron 8

Insanity Proton 33

Ion Plasma 10

Matrix Proton 10

Ohm Neutron 6

Orbital Neutron 9

Pilot Proton 10

Reactor Neutron 10

Tangent Plasma 10

Trace Proton 15

Vanish Proton 10

Vector Proton 10

Volt Plasma 22

Volt Plasma 18

Wave Neutron 7

Wave Plasma 8

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Ready to get your hands on some of these discs?

Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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