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Jul 15, 2021


This month is perhaps my personal favorite of all releases. From the Norse text to the absolutely elegant work by Marm, to the foils utilized, to the effect that the disc has at night, to the puzzle of decoding the text.... it's all super well done. We hope that you all feel the same way about this release. Here is some more info about this release!

  • Colors: All glow, all off-white. We did not discover any variations of the plastic tones
  • Foil Combos: Because this is not an official MVP branded disc, we were granted a couple foil combos. I cannot guarantee this for other runs, but we will do it when we can. There are two main looks, the Black/Green Squares/Gold and the Blue/Blue/Silver. There are 12 Golden Geese, which were blessed with some CRAZY gold foils.

The time is now to share pics as you see fit! If you are looking to sell your disc, I will happily buy back any disc from this month, as previously promised. You can also find a Thought Space Athletics buy sell trade group. There will be no extras from me. Mine will be locked away for a very long time 🙂 Thank you to Marm O. Set for making this design what it turned into!!!!

Norse Code post. Translation:

In day when nest taken, whole flock enslaved, sadness…
Arrive prophesied feather
Eggsecute vengeance, wealth, joy

Note: as posted, there was a typo. Eggsecute's two Gs used the H glyph. See the gallery for a comparison between the original and fixed.

The runic lettering appears to be based heavily on the font Elder Futhark on Dafont, but some runes are changed, and the glyphs were redrawn to add some tweaks and embellishments.

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