Coming Undone

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Aug 15, 2020


Concept Background: I am absolutely paraphrasing, so Reide is free to chime in wherever he sees fit. Coming Undone represents the world as it is right now from the viewpoint of an individual. We also discussed naming it 'Holding Together' and a few other things. Coming Undone was our final choice and it refers to the world around us. Obviously our world is a very different place this year than it has been in the past, and it affects us each very differently. We each also have a very different outlook for the future.

That is where the foil combinations came in.

  • Chrome, Red, and Blue foils are meant to be display the art as if it was nearly android.
  • Rainbow, Holo, and Black foils are meant to display a positive outlook
  • Black, color holo, chrome (or maybe silver holo?) allowed there to be some negative/angry tones with the way the color changed across the face
  • Black, Blue reflective, Gold holo - Reide can chime in here... i've lost the plot, but something about this felt statuesque, as if it was a numbing feeling
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