Strange Planet II

Mold Information

Release Date
Run size
Oct 15, 2022


Weights: almost all 171-175g

Color Mix: all over the place. 5 Black discs total, a bunch of white, a bunch of slime-ish swirled with either purple or another color, a bunch that we'll call blue but they were either a mix of blue/orange or blue/purple, some purple, some pink.... and I'm forgetting the rest at the moment. Pics will tell the story!!!!

Peyton says about the symbol: "I stole the word from some manga, sound effect often used for lazer/lightning like weapons!"

Good and bad news moving forward... as you all are well aware, MVP has limited us on foil combos in a major way, which have eliminated standardized golden geese AND multiple foil combos per run. Starting in November, we will have 3 to 4 foil combos in each run. This rule was altered a while back, but we had a back log of LTD discs that we had to release prior to filling you all in. The good news is that YES, we will have some more color enter the fray. the bad news is that we have not yet confirmed a way to get golden geese stamped at MVP HQ. We look forward to the days where this can become a standard.

Hope you enjoy the October 2022 disc!!!!

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