Release Date
Run size
Sep 19, 2019


The only plastics that will be available for this pre-order are listed for each mold below. The following molds/plastics will be available for this pre-order:
Axiom Envy - Proton, Neutron, Neutron Soft, Plasma, Eclipse
MVP Tesla - Proton, Neutron, Fission
Streamline Lift - Neutron, Cosmic Neutron
Axiom Proxy - Plasma, Neutron, Neutron Soft
By participating in this pre-order, you are also eligible to randomly receive a rare variant foil that I have requested from MVP. I will have a set number of variants and 'golden goose' discs thrown into the run. Some will be distributed within pre-orders RANDOMLY, some will be kept in the vault. I will auction 1 or maybe 2 at release. No promises on the others at this time.
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Ready to get your hands on some of these discs?

Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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