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Alex Cue
June 30, 2019
5 min read
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Let's be honest, collecting all those cool discs can quickly become an obsession. Before you know it, you'll have a pile of discs overflowing from your closet and spilling out onto your floor. But don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice your entire living space to your disc golf hobby. In this article, we're going to explore all the different options for collecting and storing your discs, so you can keep your game and your home organized. From plastic storage totes to homemade shelves, we've got you covered. So sit back, grab a disc, and let's get started on organizing your disc golf collection.

Boxes for discs

Cardboard Boxes


The Box4Discs, also known as the TrotterBox, is a somewhat economical way of storing your discs. Here's a review: https://allthingsdiscgolf.com/trotterbox-box4discs-disc-golf-storage-boxes/

Use promo code 39996 to save $5 at checkout.

Other Cardboard Boxes

When I started, I stored my discs in old diaper boxes. The 104-pack of Size 5 Pampers Swaddlers measures roughly 9.5”x10”x19” and is just about perfect!

Plastic Bins

This is a Buckhorn SW24111002 Straight-Wall 24"x11"x10" container. Bombproof but expensive. They are hard to find online at the moment unless you go with the Dynamic Discs seller.

I bought one of these Sterilite 20qt. gasket containers to try—model number 19324306. I like that it's clear and the lid locks. I don't like how stubby it is or the extra headroom it takes.

I bought two Buckhorn containers to try. I tested the capacity of the Sterilite vs the Buckhorn.

Sterilite: $8.99. 18 putters, 23 drivers $0.50/putter cost, $0.39/driver cost. Average $0.44/disc stored. 1974 cu. in., 1.14 cu ft., avg of 18 discs per cu ft. $0.50 per disc storage cost. Buckhorn: 32 putters, 41 drivers. $1.25/putter cost, $0.98/driver cost. Average $1.11/disc stored. 2640 cu. in., 1.53 cu ft., avg of 24 discs per cu ft.. $1.67 per disc storage cost

So overall for plastic storage totes it’s just over 3x to store discs per disc cost with the Buckhorn vs the Sterilite.

Vortica Disc Golf has instructions on how to make your own bins out of Coroplast/Corflute corrugated plastic sheets. Worth checking out - my Home Depot has 4'x8' sheets for $22.

It appears that uDisc has also done a roundup of options on their blog!

Racks for Discs

Commercial Options

There are several commercial storage racks available.




Mainstays 10-tier rack



Plans are available.

DIY: Wood

If you have a wood shop, you've probably thought about

Bags for discs:

If you want to protect the hotstamps, you should consider bagging your discs.

These are crystal clear 9x9 2mil zip bags for $12.32/100. Shipping isn't included. With USPS Priority Mail, I placed an order for 200 with a total of $32.80, for $0.164/bag.

I bought these because they were cheaper than the OTB poly bags. Pros: they’re crystal clear, better for viewing or displaying than “normal” 4mil bags. They’re half the cost of the OTB bags. They seal just fine. Cons: they’re slippery so it’s harder to stack a bunch of discs on top of each other. They’re only 2mil, so not quite as “premium” feeling. They feel…stiffer? Less velvety? The closures are thinner/narrower, and by the corners of the bags they sometimes get stuck. Also I ripped a few when opening bags stored in a cold garage.

Overall, I’m mostly okay with the trade-offs. Cost was great, and I love being able to see the artwork clearly. My biggest real world pain is not easily being able to stack discs but I store mine on edge in boxes so it’s not typically a big problem.

OTB has 9x9 4mil zip bags for $23/100 with free shipping. Works out to $0.23/bag

There are tons of options out there for 9"x12" bags, but having bought a pack, I don't recommend them. The long flap gets in the way and is unsightly.

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Alex Cue
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