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Alex Cue
May 3, 2023
5 min read
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Sometimes you want to show off your special discs—whether it's an ace disc, a limited edition stamp, or a Golden Goose! Here I've rounded up a few ways you can display discs, whether it's one or a whole series!

Display Boxes

Image Credit: David Howe II/Facebook

The standard is the Michaels 9x9 shadow boxes. Available in Black, White, Honey, and Gray. Priced at $24.99 each but regularly goes on sale for “Buy One, Get Two Free”, effectively bringing the price to $8.33/ea. Here’s a Reddit post that uses a Michael's shadow box and dresses it up with a plate holder and LED string lights.

3D Printing

Image Credit: MakerMake3D/Etsy

You can 3D print wall hangers. This one has an eye design that lets you adjust the height to maintain a uniform level regardless of rim width. This one mounts with 2mm nails. Here's a link to one on Printables, and here's another Printables link. This Printable has a unique three-prong design.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can buy some on Etsy. This one uses Command Strips for no holes. This two-piece one covers the Command Strip. This basic one uses thumbtacks.

Other Ideas

Image Credit: Camikaze__/Reddit

Use a picture rail. IKEA Mosslanda is a good example. Another Mosslanda Reddit post. This Reddit post with kids book ledges. This was a DIY Reddit post with LEDs.

One Redditor has them displayed in an IKEA Milsbro glass case, with clear acrylic plate easels. Here’s an Amazon link.

Pricy acrylic box on Etsy. Another acrylic box from Discplays, but is ‘coming soon’

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Alex Cue
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