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Nov 26, 2021


We are extremely excited for all the releases of next week. They will begin on Wednesday and continue through Saturday night, all at 7:00pm central time. More details will come soon, in the form of a complete daily schedule with breakdowns of which molds are included in which design.
Last year we had a bunch of people who were not available one way or another for drops at night. Heck, some would choose to simply avoid it altogether but still find a way to get discs. This is the solution for that type of person....
Here are the FAQ that we have come up with, along with a guide for what to expect in the boxes. These will ship on Friday 11/26

Q: What is in the box?
A: 9 discs and a mini. 2 discs touched with foil by Jake Hunter, along with the mini. All other designs are foiled by MVP. 1 two foil, 1 single foil, the rest 3 foil. A breakdown is in the image below. Imagery of each design will be shown prior to the boxes going on sale.
Q: Can I choose my colors, molds, weights, etc?
A: No, you cannot. These are already packaged in their interior packings, so we couldn't do this even if we tried. The idea of the box is to make sure you get 1 disc of each major release that we have.
Q: What is the cost of the box?
A: The price will be 219.99 shipped in the USA. International will need to cover extra shipping costs, probably $20 or so? This is a reduction from our retail pricing. the same set will cost 240-249 if they were purchased 1 by 1 on the site.
Q: When will these go on sale?
A: We will run them in two batches. 11/22 Monday Morning and 11/22 Monday Evening
Q: When will these ship?
A: These will ship on Black Friday itself, 11/26... UPS
Q: How many can I buy?
A: Either zero or 1 on Monday. If some are available on Tuesday morning, we will open it up to multiples at 8am central.
Q: Can I choose my weights, colors, or molds?
A: No, you cannot. These are prepackaged. If you definitely need certain colors, we recommend shopping the retail releases.
Q: Are there any discs being sold on the site that will NOT be in the box?
A: Yes. There will be a few designs on the Hex mold that will only be on the site. These are not limited editions. These will be rerun in the future. These are a donut design and a froggeaux run (only MVP 3 foil stamping).
Q: Why are there discs being sold on the site that are not included in the box?
A: We didn't feel it was appropriate to send 4-5 hex out in every box.
Q: Will there be golden geese?
A: Probably so, but don't buy the box for that sole reason.
Q: Are there any discs sold in the box that will NOT be on the site?
A: Yes, one exclusive. It will be a rerun of a previous black friday release in a special foil configuration. LE 250. Foil combo not to be repeated... and frankly, i'd guess that if we run the disc again, Marm O. Set will want to redo a few things.
We will update this thread with extra Q+A as questions come up!

Mystery Box Contents:

Design Artist Mold Pool Foils
taKING flight Marm O. Set R2 Ion, Spin, Anode 1 Foil
Mental Game ZAMDesign Neutron Paradox 3 Foil
Slice N Dice Marm O. Set Insanity, Octane, Relay, Fireball 3 Foils
Angler Control Katie Longoria Photon, Insanity, Fireball, Relay 2 Foils
Leppi Penny + Mini Marm O. Set Reactor, Telelport, Relativitiy, 5 COA'd Envy, other 13+ speeds, Nano Mini 3+ foils
Leppi Steals Worlds Marm O. Set Neutron Hex 3 Foils
Snake Pit Marm O. Set Reactor, Hex, Spin, Trace 3+ Foils, 9 stamps
Rampage Marm O. Set Mint Eternal Phoenix 6-7 Foils
Silver Gargoyle Marm O. Set Fission Photon 3 Foils
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Production runs are currently available on the DFX website. Older runs are commonly available on the MVP B/S/T or in the Goose Gang Headquarters Facebook pages.

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